Other Side Psychic

Just driving down the road, I immediately got an overwhelming bone cold chill. A true feeling of evil just overwhelmed me. I was near Amagansett NY and I had passed by a church due to the route I was taking. The traffic slowed due to tourists and as I looked over to my right, at the rectory, the evil spirit came forward. He was still in this church. I got on the phone to Joe, my partner in my business and explained to him what had just happened, where it was, and that I was just driving, minding my own business.

Sure enough, this church is haunted, with a pastor that because of his past evil actions towards the boys in the choir has to stay there as penance for his sins. He was a pedophile. My description of the priest was accurate to the glasses he wore and the thinning hair around his temples. His beedy eyes and evil presence was just too much, all within seconds of passing by a church a hundred yards away.

The priest immediately sought me out because of my gift.  It was a very dark ominous presence in that church and still is. He was so mad that I knew what he had done in his living years. His anger is still like a projectile surrounding the property and it crossed my path.

Joe confirmed everything I saw, felt that day. I hope to never drive by that church again. Just driving by, in one second, I saw it all, felt it all.

One thought on “Other Side Psychic

  1. I had no idea that cats had a soul. I was always told that just people have an imortal soul but Mary Beth showed me that was wrong. A while ago, I was seperated from my precious cat Peepers due to circumsatnces beyond my control. I was extremely worried that she would pass away before I could get back to her since she was 19 years old. I worried that she was thinking that I had abandoned her. I thought constantly of her and tried desperately to get to her. But the day came with the call that I dreaded most. My little girl, my little PeePoos as I called her had died. My life felt like it was over. We would sit side by side on the front porch steps and when I spoke to her she would meow back and bump her head into me. I rescued her when she was first born and fell off the porch setee where she was born to the cat I rescued the night before. I was who she saw when she first opened her eyes and I was for all reality her parent. We shared a great love. I was devastated and one night months later I was crying in bed. After a while I felt something behind my head on the pillow, it seemed to be pressing down and I thought I could smell my Peepers scent. Unexpectadly, I was startled by a call from Mary Beth. Out of nowhere, she told me that Peepers found me and I should turn my head. I couldn’t believe what she was saying but I did it anyway. I told Mary Beth I don’t see anything. She said you can smell her “can’t you?” And I did, Mary Beth went on to tell me that Peepers wanted me to remember her playing with her favorite toy, the bungie birdy. I never told Mary Beth anything about that toy. She also said that Peeprs liked the “daweenie” but she couldn’t play with it too much. Daweenie was the name of my ex-wife’s cat’s toy. Everytime time Peepers would try to play with it, my wife’s mean cat who had my wife’s mean disposition would start a fight with Peepers. Peeprs wanted Mary Beth to let me know it was her and there simply was no way for Mary Beth to know these things unless she was seeing through me beloved cat child’s eyes. She also told me that Peepers wanted me not to cry and that she would wait for me in heaven. And if she is indeed in heaven and I know that she is, then cats do have souls. Thank you Mary Beth

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