OthersidePsychic, To Tell or Not

When i see white light around someone, it means that their time on this earthly plane is limited and that they are surrounded by God’s white light. Do I tell them to go get checked or not? This has happened so many times to me . Usually when the white light appears it is because it has gone too far or allowed to develop to the point that it is impossible that  any type of medical help will intercede in what I see.

Who really wants to know that they are dying? No one.

Why upset the person with this new knowledge? I can’t. I won’t.

If I suggest that a person go to the doctor, I see something, then it is for a reason and that is when i don’t see the white light.

One thought on “OthersidePsychic, To Tell or Not

  1. I personally would want to know if I should go to a Dr. To be able to catch it before, why not. Absolutely tell people. That would be a blessing in disguise.

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