Other Side Psychic, The Sad Angel Statue

There was  shop in Northwood, in West Palm Beach that I frequented quite often, buying items when I could. Upon one occasion, the owner presented me with a wall ornament that was an angel with clipped wings and a frown on its face. He probably knew what it meant and gave it to me to get it out of his shop. Later did I find out that this was not a present but a curse and not knowing it at the time, I gave it to a friend of mine to keep for me as I was moving. So Joe stuck it in his closet. Didn’t think about it for another minute until it started imploding.

In the middle of the night, the angel jumped off the shelf in the closet and hit the floor. There was not a reason in the world that this angel came from the middle of the shelf and landed on the floor, but it did. Joe picked it up, and put it back. It did the same thing again. This time, he picked up the angel and brought it over to the couch.

For some reason this same angel proceeded to jump from the couch onto the floor and the statue started exploding. Just spontaneously exploding. Joe called me frantic, not sure what was going on. He saw the bottom blow up, then the middle. What was left was the head. I looked it up and this was not a good thing that was happening, so I told him to get it out of his house for his safety and the safety of his animals. He threw it out into the yard next to the tree.  The next morning, the statue was laying next to his front door. How it got from the tree to the front door is still a mystery. Again, he picked up the phone and called me. The next morning, he decided to get rid of it before the head came apart.

Absolutely terrified, he grabbed it and threw it into a plastic bag, with some heavy rocks and took it down the road to the local drainage ditch where he proceeded to throw it into the water.

The problem was over for Joe, but not for where it landed. Currently, the bridge over the ditch where he threw it and it sunk to the bottom, has collapsed.

Did the upset angel cause this? We don’t know, but we do know that lf the head had imploded, as that was pretty much what was left, something very ugly would have emerged from it. Something demonic.

Be careful of presents given to you. Not everything inside a box comes with a big red bow. 


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