Other Side Psychic, Kel

Psychic I am, Claircognizant I am and Medium I am. A witch or practitioner of  the dark arts I am not. I walk in God’s white light always. There is a lot ignorance as to what I do. Here is one.She cleans houses for a living. A good Christian lady who spends every day off doing church work  and working with the church youth. She does not cuss and is not exactly someone who would believe in my abilities.  So I just came right out with it as we were talking. Specifically to ask what the  first three letters of  Ell meant to her. Was it Ellerbe, eller, even elmo?  Her brother was behind her telling me about the person with this unusual name. But the entire name was not coming across. Kel’s brother  wore dark glasses, drove a black truck, and died of a heart attack several years ago.  It turns out Kelly held the hand of a strange man having a heart attack named Ellerby, who died. She was his florence nightingale for the moment. This was just validation that her brother was there telling me events in Kelly’s life even he was never told about when he was alive. There was no disputing the fact he was there, and that I was carrying a message to Kel that he was alive and well,  just invisible to her.

She was a believer after I told her these things.  I also told her her mother stood pretty far off in the distance, due to the amount of time ago that she had died. The people who were immediately close to Kel was her best friend who had dark straight hair, and bangs and she had died of cancer. She confirmed her friend did indeed die of cancer and the confirmed the description. Also, I said her mother is coming forward holding up a quilted pattern. Did she quilt? I asked Kel.

Kel responded that her mother tried quilting right before her death and never finished it.

OtherSide Psychic, The Big House

Upon walking into my employers house, there was a short stout lady with brown curly hair who immediately greeted me, wanting to know why I was there. Well, I told her I was the new cook. She smiled. She was a good spirit. She was the grandmother to my employer. Then i went upstairs and her photo confirmed what I saw below. She passed several years ago but still remains to look after her granddaughter.

Other Side Psychic, Eric and his friend

Of course when speaking with Eric, he confirmed a huge loss of his best friend, who I saw hanging around him, as a guide and he also confirmed the number 5. Why I was seeing this number is because his friend died on October 5, 2009 at exactly 5:55.

Other Side Psychic: Eric

the number 5 coincided with a male that was around a person I read by accident. He emailed me and immediately, I saw this. 5. What does it mean?  Eric is many states away, yet communicating with me via email. I am in New Hampshire and he is in Florida.

Still yet, the number 5 kept coming up around a young male I saw around Eric.

Eric lost his friend on October 5th, 1996. Joe was his name. He was 19 when he died.

Joe is still with Eric, not because Eric can’t let go but because Joe wants to be around Eric, to guide him.

Spirits have a job to do, just as we have work to do…



OtherSide Psychic: White Light

I have to protect myself as spirits come to me all the time. I am surrounded by them. I have a beacon like a white light coming from a lighthouse  in a fog that ships use to avoid danger. Except spirit comes to me and I have to use that white light to surround myself and keep them at bay.

I have noticed that when I get my hair done, my gift dissipates for a brief moment. Maybe the chemicals..

The Psychic

I saw white light around her family member. That means they are in Gods hands soon to cross over. It happened two days after I left
I did tell her what I saw and I also saw some things for her friend that no one knew except her friend. My gift is to bring closure and comfort not fear


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Death of my twin

I saw it. A reoccurring dream since childhood. My death dream and frankly thought I was going to die at age 36 then age 38. Then the dream finished. the body lay on a bare mattress in a grey room. I approach the body seeing it wearing sweats and my hair is pulled back as I normally wore it. It was not a happy place but a barren desolate and grey area.

then I saw the face. The face was not me but my twin sister Amy. I woke hop terrified crying and ran to the phone to warn her. Amy was in Italy and I in Costa Rica. I told her about the dream. She was in shock When she heard this. I begged her to go to the doctor. She didn’t and one week later she was dead.

My death dream has since returned.


Former owner

I told him what I saw that there was a man in his back bedroom just hanging out. He had meta morphed from a sickly person in death into this very strong spirit in the other life but he couldn’t leave the house where he suffered the most emotional abuse by his wife who mistreated him and cheated on him.

i saw Michael the name

a few days later and up to today the mail keeps coming, addressed to Michael