Two Ladies in Waiting

They showed up, this am along with a little boy. The little boy and his ball is another story. The two ladies patiently walk around the small condo, moving things as they see fit, talking amongst themselves, discovering stuff in their sister’s closet that she had kept all those years since they passed. They are there to get Rose acquainted with the other side and to visit. Rose has not seen them in many many years since they died.

I called Rose’s son, Joe. I told him, his aunts were hanging out in his mothers condo. He said, “oh yeah? tell me what hair color does the older one have?” I said dark dark brunette, straight. The other one had strawberry beige hair, bottled. I heard a gasp come out of his mouth.

I also said your older Aunt is saying how your mother has her brooch in her things. She has many of her brooches she used to wear. Also, I see brown beige shoes. The shoes were part of a dress Rose’s sister wore. Rose kept it in her bureau.

I also said, there are memento’s in a box, either on her dresser or in a closet or drawer.

You can’t argue with the dead. They are always right. I am only the messenger of what they tell me to say to the living.

They are waiting on Rose. It is not her time, but they wanted to make their presence known.

Oh, I also told Joe about the bump in the older sister’s nose.