Othersidepsychic, THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

It was about six months after amy died when I heard the cry for help while taking a shower. It was as if she was standing there screaming for me to help. Clear as day. It was Amy, my twin.

Her death was too new, too painful but realized she was in trouble on the other side. She wasn’t quite there yet.

Some souls stay in limbo and cant  move onto the light,  either because they don’t know they are dead because, their death happened so fast, or they had a lot of unresolved issues or things that happened to them that they did, that they have not resolved. Other times, unfortunately, someone loses their life at the hand of someone else and the soul might have gone through a tragic death, unable to move on.  Some souls just have too many  sins to account for and  are not allowed to move on, while others are simply accidents that happen so fast, it took them before they knew it. Suicides always go to the grey areas, neither the white golden light and certainly not hell.to hell  Because someone is sick and they take their own life, they put themselves in the grey area, neither heaven nor hell, but in a sense it is hell because it is a very very sad place and they relive their death, why they took their own life.

For this reason, I believe Amy was about to go into the grey area. If it is possible to save your twin or loved one. I would do anything to see her again when my time comes. I grabbed her hand but I had to go into a bad place to do so. God was with me. I remember telling her, don’t let go, come with me, and she held my hand, and I told her to look toward the light. I remember asking her, did she see the light of God. She kept saying yes. I walked her into the light, and in that light, to the most magnificent staircase I have ever seen, or hope to see, and never never knew existed. This was the first and last time I have seen this staircase.  I have heard of it but never saw it until that day.

I would go to hell for her to bring her back and I that is what I did.  Not the proverbial hell, but she was definitely descending there of her own accord, her own guilt into the grey area. Now remember, this is happening while I am taking a shower. At first, I panicked. How do I save a dead person when I didn’t practise my gift all the time?  She was scared, alone, and had no color. I had to do something I was going to lose her for an eternity. I had no choice. I had to go there, fear or not of losing my own soul in a despairing world below what we know as life. Her soul was lost and certainly not in a good place. This was because she had unresolved issues, sins and where she was in her life, before she died was not a good place. She could not forgive herself for what she had done. She was causing her own demise in death.

I asked her to hold my hand to go into the white light. She grabbed it firmly and as I held her hand, I walked her to the stairs, as far as I could go or allowed to go because it was not my time.  It was now up to her to go on to face her maker, who was, is a loving God, a forgiving God. I was merely the guide to get her there.  I could not be at the base of the stairs. The stairs are for those who are dead, ready to ascend. I was not dead and so, next thing I know, I am far away from it. She was standing at the base of the enormous stairway to heaven. The color had returned to her face. She was alive, radiant and then she turned around and smiled at me.  Then the staircase ascended. She was gone.  She made it.

I never knew  that an actual staircase existed. I knew of giant rooms, a tunnel of golden light and I have seen the proverbial tunnel, only my journey into the tunnel blocked by an angel in my case. This staircase, was not like a standard size. It was the size of giant building.  It was incredible, massive. Amy was the size of a pin head compared to the size of the staircase. Yes, it was a grey white with golden hues of light running through it and around it with clouds of white around it. She was going to heaven.

As a medium, I am a tool of God to help others heal, whether alive or dead.




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