Othersidepsychic, Nell Nells

As I was packing up to move to Oklahoma for a job, I waked past my little tubby cat named Nelson Mandela. Short nickname is NellNells. If you say it fast, it sounded as though you were saying Neh Nells. He loved that name.

NellNells lounging
NellNells lounging

a rescue from my ex mother in law, Nells was too big for her and too much to take care of. I rescued him years ago when I found him laying near death with crystals. He survived that. This time, cancer took him. Squamous cell carcinoma today 8/8/13. He never complained even when I got him out of his one room house to put him in a huge waterfront home. Then he moved with me to Florida and learned to sleep on the bed in my tiny house. He had found his own place to call home and usually it was under my antique farm table where I made him a bed with a colorful quilt.

The last time I saw him before I left, I saw what was to come. I just didn’t want to believe it but today proved my visions are all too accurate and with visions, comes pain.  If you knew what I saw, you would not want a gift like mine but I have it and with it, I also see the dead. Nells isn’t gone. He is still with me.  He sure is, he is stilling in the living room, invisible to the naked eye except to the medium/psychic eye. Trust me, they never ever leave us. Aw with your loved ones, your animals are also loved ones. They are with you until you finish the journey you are on. They are part of your journey.

With my visions, I learned how to live today and love today.as though it was my last even through the eyes of others. 

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