Othersidepsychic, Seeing For Myself

Usually my spirit guides won’t let me see for myself. That is like knowing the lottery ticket winning numbers.I can not see anything for myself, but recently as three months ago, my gift changed. It was for a reason.

I had been praying to be relieved of my job. Now you would think most people would do anything to keep their job. Not so in private service. Meaning working for the ultra wealthy. The employer was wonderful in a few ways but was also very much leaning to favorites among employees. A lot of things went on behind the scenes that she was not aware of and it certainly was not my job to tell her. I prayed that something come along because I hated going to work. I absolutely hated it. I never knew what kind of mood the head housekeeper would be in on a daily basis and the second housekeeper would order me around just like the head one and I am the chef. I don’t mind helping out but to take away from food production to clean white linens or to deep clean a suite was not what I was hired to do. I was hired to help out as a team but food came second to them. I was fighting a lost battle. The husband would not eat the food because it was diet food so I wanted out.

The signs started appearing. More and more of them from my psychic guides. I knew my job was ending.When my employer asked me to get her book of foods ready, I knew then.  The day it was determined that I could no longer work there, Joe my best friend whom I live with had a cardiac problem and was admitted into ICU for 2 days straight. This just happened. Then the job offer came forward. It came forward before my departure from my old job. Acceptance was the day after I left my job. Be careful of what you pray for, as it will come true. I am glad because I could not take the abuse, the emotional turmoil and the feeling of micro management by all staff.  I was definitely taken advantage of in this position. I wonder if I just shouldn’t set up shop as a psychic but I am not allowed to charge for my gift. I can’t.

There have been many self viewings of what lay ahead for myself that I have not shared. Only in rare cases can I see for myself and that is to prepare me. This time I was prepared.

It is true when one door closes another opens but it is done for a reason. You just have to see the signs and be prepared.

One thought on “Othersidepsychic, Seeing For Myself

  1. My heart was breaking as I read your earlier post on your job. I am so sorry I haven’t been there for you at least to listen as a friend. I truly hope you will love what the next door has in store for you. You so deserve to be happy. As we all do. I can’t wait to hear what your new job is for you. I thank you again for your gift for all of us. It is remarkable, yet troublesome for you at times, but how special you have been to receive this gift.
    Doorbell Joannie

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