OtherSidePsychic, When They Go Missing

Yes, I can see where they are. Yes, I know who took them and yes, the police think all psychics are a bunch of wackos who make stuff up. Not true.

In this case, it was a missing dog. I happened to be talking to a Hispanic lady about pets in the pet aisle of Whole Foods the other day when she said her precious yorkie went missing over a year ago.

I saw it.

I asked her if she had a Korean or Chinese family close by as a neighbor. She said yes. I asked her if the lady had short brown/black hair and lived with a daughter or the daughter came by to check on her all the time. She said yes.

I then proceeded to tell her where the Korean lady lived. She lived at the end of the street, across from her.

The lady did indeed confirm that the Korean woman lived across the street and it was at the end of the street.

I also saw a metal fence around her yard. She confirmed this as well.

A lot of confirmations wouldn’t you say? She was in shock I saw this. I told her that the young lady who appears to be the daughter is the one who wanted the dog but I did see the dog got out, and ran to the house not knowing where it was. The Korean lady took it and gave it to her daughter.

I am waiting to find out if indeed the dog is still at the house or with the lady’s daughter. I see more with the daughter. My point is, if the poilce had more open minds, more crimes would be solved by very capable people such as me, because I can tell you alot of things about the crimes you see on tv. But for now, no one has asked my opinion.

3 thoughts on “OtherSidePsychic, When They Go Missing

  1. As someone who used to investigate crimes, I agree. I think that police should be more open to lots of non-traditional investigative practices, but I also would be very protective of victims’ families. Unfortunately, not all those who offer help have the best intentions.

  2. this makes me hurt. my cat was stolen by my neighbor and given to his grandson. for two years the police called me crazy cat lady..and I was complaining every other day. the SPCA said there are no cat laws. no one would help so I traced the lisc. plate of the grandson and stood in front of the thieves home for weeks yes even at 3 in the morning, screaming JACK at the top of my lungs..they would turn lights on and look out the window..but NEVER call the police. guilty..they finally admitted they took him 3 yrs later, but they said he got out and was hit by a car. I wouldnt want to see what happens when he has to explain why, when he is judged. I cried for years, it was like losing a baby. I suggest the owners do the same thing. I just didnt do it fast enough. I knew my Jack passed, because I saw his spirit sleeping on my hip. why do people do things like this? I wouldnt want anyone to feel the pain I felt.

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