Harry, the Little Boy Two Blocks Over

Most spirits wait in line to talk to me to relay a message. This little boy was third in line. First were two sisters. Harry was a little boy that was very sickly as a child. he couldn’t go out to play or else he would get winded. I met Harry when he showed up with his white soccer sort of ball with triangles on it. He came to find out why Joe his good and only friend as a child, left him alone. He was not in a good place. This was over 35 years ago that he died. Turns out Harry was very sick, as I saw him put his hand over his mouth. Usually when a spirit does this, it means he had trouble breathing or he suffocated, eluding me to cystic fibrosis. Harry died when he was 13 or so he told me. I saw two numbers, 9 and 13. He was 9 when he and Joe became friends. 13 was when he died.

I told Joe to talk to harry, to tell him, his mother would not let him out to play and so he couldn’t play with him. Adults do horrible things to children’s minds. Harry’s father was not a nice person either. Always sporting dark dark rings under his eyes, gave the impression that Harry’s father beat him. He did.

A tragic ending for a little boy with a ball seeking his only one true friend. I was the gift he needed to relay his message and move on, into the light. Now Harry can find other children to play with.

I also asked Joe to tell Harry he was sorry that he couldnt be there for him. Harry, turned away and started walking into the light. That was all he needed to hear to move on, an explanation. Sometimes, that is all it takes to find peace.

How did Joe know I was talking about Harry? I described him to him, what he looked like. The age, the time frame in Joe’s life, where Harry lived.

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