Othersidepsychic, Soul Grabbers

There are souls that don’t want to pass when they died. They hang around or cling to a dearly loved one and in the process cause even more pain for the living.
I call them soul grabbers. Sometime even the living can feel their soul being affected. I even saw a mist come from my body and I knew instantly that part of my soul spirit left with my twin sister.
Its like falling and trying to grab onto something so you wont fall. Same principle.
How do you help the soul that has grabbed yours?
You have to pray for the soul departed to find peace, to go with God’s white light, to release and let go.
Its hard because we want to keep them with us. For soul grabbers, since they can’t grab anything else except what is on they plane, a prayer or many prayers to calm their soul, restore them in God’s white light to even talking to them to tell them, that they have died, that they need to move into the light is what is needed.
Eventually, their souls let go and move on.
But soul grabbers need the help that only we the living can provide.
Now matter how much we want to keep them here on this earthly plane, God has a job for them to do.
Some soul grabbers are not good. When your soul is grabbed onto by a soul that is headed in the other direction, then a soul retrieval is necessary.
A soul grabber can also cause an attachment when it won’t go.
For this you need to perform a personal cleansing.