Other Side Psychic, Medusa or Harry Teedies

Medusa was my sailboat kitty. I got her from a friend who found her and she was the size of my hand when I became her mother. She followed me everywhere, even to my work right up the hill at the local marina restaurant  sitting up at the bar on a bar stool waiting for me to come home. When I left work, she would lead the way, grunting as she took charge of taking me home. Dusie as I called her had a habit of fishing minnows out of the marshy waters and leaving dead fish on my pillow as a present. Pitch black, no white on her, she was the runt of the group. Her other habit of which I did not teach her was stalking dogs. It didn’t matter the size, dobermans were fair game as well as puppies, to pitbulls. She stalked and attacked. She always won. Later when my profession took me away for months at  a time, I had no choice but to give her to a good friend. Later I found out she went to live in a camper trailer and traveled the US with the sister of a 90’s famous boy band. Sadly, I felt like I failed her as her guardian and keeper. However, I immediately knew when she died. I felt this bump against my ankle as she used to do all the time. She knew how to get my attention. It was her. No doubt. I was on a yacht when she died. A perfect place for my boat kitty.  She was at homelShe was my first baby. Secondly came Harry Teedies Johnson. I rescued him twice and after the second time, I swore he would never leave me. So I kept Harry in my big house in Georgia until he passed at the ripe old age of 16. He was without a doubt, a Norwegian Forest Cat or a Black and White main coon cat. Huge, at his biggest, he weighed 30 lbs. Reduced to skin and bones due to kidney disease, I wasn’t there when he died on his favorite rug. I find solace and comfort in that I gave him the best home and life he could have had considering he was a feral when I found him as a kitten.

The question is: which one is it I see at night coming across the floor and hopping on my bed at night? They were both black. The tale tell sign is that Harry’s best buddy who is still with me is  Sharkbait. He is not afraid so i assume it is Harry that comes to bed with me each night. 

Medusa is out stalking dogs soon to come home.