Othersidepsychic, Tested by Skeptic

I was recently “tested” by another supposedly psychic-skeptic. It was relayed to me through my mother who was online with him. He found out I was a psychic and medium. Then the questions started the minute I gave him a compliment on his glasses. Mind you, I am thousands of miles away from him. From me telling him the color of the van he drove, that he wrecked, of which I told him I saw it wrecked, to the year it was made, to the shape of the glasses he wears to the blue object in his home that I saw. Even down to the underwear in his closet sitting on the floor of which he denied.
You can’t hide much from me. I also saw him and I know this person does not have a gift like mine. I also told him about the spirits in in his house to the ghost outside his house. He confirmed all of this.

If you don’t believe someone like me, that’s fine. Just stop with the constant barrage of questions to catch the psychic in a missed answer. I told him if he didn’t stop I would flatten his tire or send more ghosts to his house. I really didn’t mean it but hey, I was getting fed up. Like the Liberty Mutual insurance company ad, “Hey, we are not perfect.” We are here to carry a message of hope and love from the other side and to forewarn of , not to be tested constantly or have contests to prove who is the better psychic. I have been called one of the most accurate psychic-mediums out there. I am just here to carry a message, a message of hope, love, from the other side.

I do my job to help others, not to prove to others that I am real. Do you really think I would attach the name psychic to my name? Do you have any idea how painful that can be, how I have lived my life being ridiculed by others, cast aside, shunned? Do you really think any normal person would do this on a regular basis? Absolutely not. We still live in a world that conveys the impression of being a psychic and medium as scary, freaky, not normal, mentally ill. It is hard to fathom a gift you don’t have. Just as Einstein had a gift, most of us will never ever know, why is it so difficult to fathom a gift of knowing? Slowly as it brings enlightenment on tv with Long Island Medium and the Angel, we are learning, that we are not bad people, just people with a unique gift to offer closure from our loved ones on the other side.

You will know I am for real from the first minute you talk to me.

4 thoughts on “Othersidepsychic, Tested by Skeptic

  1. Skeptics need not come for a reading. If they don’t have an open mind then they don’t need to work at making themselves feel better by trying to disprove you. Don’t waste your time.with skeptics. Work with people that appreciate you and know we believe in you and your gift. Your energy needs to be with believers. I understand your frustration, but know your helping those who need it and not even know it as well. Thank you for sharing your blessing with all of us. Doorbell Joannie

  2. I was born with my gift and discovered it around 5 years of age. I knew things that others didn’t way ahead of time and I saw spirits at that age. I thought I was strange, then in my teenage years, I discovered that I had a powerful gift to be used as a tool to help. I have thought about school for it, to see what else I am gifted with, but in other terms, my gift is so on the mark, sometimes it scares me. I would like to know more about how to handle spirits that seem to want to hang out with me. Over the years my abilities have changed and each time with the change, it has grown stronger and stronger. Some serious changes were when it appeared as names over peoples heads with the small spirits, like barbie dolls above their heads to full blown spirits, communication to seeing inside people’s homes now, what they look like, and into the lives of them as well as the deceased. I use it to help others specifically Jack. I am not only a psychic, but a medium, remote viewer and empath. My strengths are in my being a psychic, remote viewer and medium. I was also born a double gemini and my identical twin had the same gift.

    1. Oh and can yiu turn the ability off and on… Or does it keep you awake at night… Or provide inconveniences throughout the day… Are there restrictions… Certain people or objects or locations deemed off limits…

      1. It is with me constantly. I turn it off when I go to bed. I shut them down and tell them to stay outside my bedroom door. Of course, sometimes you get pushy ones circling around. I learned this trick early on. It can be hindering when all I want to do is walk up to someone to tell them their deceased loved ones are behind them, but I can’t.

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