as i lay there in my bed in the small apartment sleeping, I kept having this reoccurring dream that a dark entity was trying to attack me. I woke up when I heard the growl. When you hear a growl, it is never good.
I wear a cross around my neck that belonged to my identical twin sister and I cling to my higher power constantly, especially at night. Especially during the hours of 12 to 5 am. Why do you say? Simply, that is when the spirits especially very bad ones come out to play.

Even the slightest noise, I wake up. I am a very light sleeper. When the tv cuts off, I wake up. Yes, I am one of those kind of people who have to sleep with the light on and the tv on. Most mediums, psychics do. I cant sleep in total blackness. I have to be able to have light and light to me is like Gods white light. It actually protects me. That night, actually being night before last, I was very aware and had the sense, of not being alone when i went to sleep that night. Something told me, it was not good. Usually most negative spirits leave when I am around. They hide from me but this one didnt. Most other times, I shrug it off or don’t give them the attention they want from me. I just wont go there or I tell them they need to leave.

I lost my cat a couple of days before and I knew he was on the bed with me as I felt him laying up agasint my side. It was small and compact like a cat, even though Nells was a huge cat, I knew it was him. That was the only comforting thing about that night.

But then I felt the icy cold breath breathing on me. Cold cold air. The house where I stayed did not have air conditioning as certain parts of California do not need a/c. It was 67 degrees that night and the windows were not open. This woman is in menopause so ice cold breaths are sometimes welcome bu not that kind of ice cold breath

When I awoke, I was literally clutching my cross praying in my sleep. I woke up praying when I heard the growl. I must have been praying in my sleep because of the dark force in my room. I have never encountered that before to that extreme.
Today, when I left the apartment to make my way back to my home base in Florida, as i was making up my bed, I noticed it was off center. This massive wrought iron bed was away from the wall and sitting crooked. When I tried to straighten it, I could not move it. How did it get so crooked. I barely weigh 128 lbs and to move a giant bed like that with a temperpedic mattress is extremely hard to do.

I stood there in disbelief. That was some fight alright. God won. I just remember waking up being so thankful to have my soul, have myself in my body that I said a prayer thanking him.

When you hear people saying they are fighting with the devil, this gives a whole new meaning to the terminology, possession.

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