The Skeptic Cop

My friend called me over to Dunkin Doughnuts, well, for one it is next to my house and two, she knows of my abilities and wanted me to figure out this man she was intrigued with, in other words, give him a reading. I did. At first he didn’t look at me. Just shaking his head and not even looking up until I brought up a hispanic man rubbing his chest/stomach  and patting his head. I asked him if this had any meaning for him? He replied that he was a former gang team undercover cop. Then he started looking me in the eye. I asked him about his deceased brother. Is his name Richard? His answer was yes. I said it was the brakes that gave out. He was startled. No longer a skeptic. It happened over 40 years ago. The brother never even appeared to me until later because it was so long ago, that he stood in the shadows. What did appear closer was a little girl holding a teddy bear. The gentleman I was reading was named Chris. His teddy bear was in this little girls arms. I am not sure who this little girl is but I suspect it was either his sister he never knew or perhaps he lost a child and never spoke about it. It could also be from his Mother, her sister.

Then I told him he was carrying a secret that he had ever since he left the police force, if he indeed ever did work for them. This has plagued him for close to 20 years. He nodded in agreement that he indeed carry a burden with him but never said what it was. I know it was a breakdown, a mental breakdown and he was on pills.

You can’t keep anything from me. Unfortunately, I do see it.



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