Other Side Psycic Drive By Priest

I was driving down the road back to the yacht I was the charter chef on and traffic had slowed down near the area of the Hamptons where I was. I happened to glance quickly over to my right near Amagansett NY and knew immediately, how dangerous of a spirit I was in immediate contact with. From the road, the church and rectory were off on the right hand side. The very familiar Ice cold chills went through my body, the air in the car became ice cold and this place where the spirit was haunting was at least 100 yards away, but I knew it. I seriously knew this was the one time I had to protect myself more than I usually do. I did.  Serious evil.

I didn’t have to look to see him. He was angry enough with me driving by. That is how powerful my gift is. Just driving by and never entering.  It was he who was haunting the rectory of this church. An angry spirit for sure, and little old me found him simply driving by.

Oooo, I have a secret, I have a secret.  I knew what you did Priest. You are trapped in that rectory because you were a pedophile.

The question I have to ask is why me? Out of all of the psychics who drive by every day, why come after me with such vengeance and hatred with what I felt? The answer is because I walk with God. I am surrounded by his white light. If you ever meet me, my aura is white light. I personally can not even get close to the church ever again. The evil was so demented, determined.

I pulled over a few blocks later into the local pharmacy parking lot and called my friend to say what I just saw and the eery feeling that enveloped me. He looked it up and this particular church is haunted, confirming what I saw, felt. I am now shaking.

To make a long story short, the priest was mad,  because I saw what he did. He even tried to attach himself to me. He was a pedophile and that was why he was still here on this earthly plane, where he will forever remain.



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