Other Side Psychics, The Rental Angel

Everyone has an angel that watches over them. They are basically hired to look after us. They don’t get paid to do this, but are actually assigned to us. It could be a family member who crossed over, someone we knew or even someone we don’t. I have had several of them and I believe I have probably scared the crap out of them while driving. So they keep switching off, one refusing to ride with me and the other having to ride with me.

One car in particular, a rental car, black in color, Kia to be exact, had a drive angel in it who has since followed me from car to car.

The first time the underside of my seat was kicked, I was in shock. Okay, shock is not the exact word I was looking for but rather absolutely freaked out of my gourd. Here I am driving down I-95, at night, doing about 80 miles per hour coming home from work in Miami  and something or someone just kicked the crap out of my seat. I was alone. Now you see why I was freaked out?

There was no one in the back seat, certainly not behind my seat and when it happened a second time, I thought perhaps the seats had a heater in them or something to make it jerk. Not the case at all, simple a good swift kick in the ass every so often from a boot that belonged to someone I could not really see. I could but not at first. I will admit, I need the abuse from time to time.

So i got into the habit of talking to my drive angel and asking it questions. I asked it to respond with one kick if it were a female or two kicks if a male. Well, it didn’t kick. That really perplexed me. I asked it to kick if it were a relative of mine. Nothing.

So when I wasn’t asking it, it kicked. It would kick when I would get sleepy or if the highway was a white knuckle moment. It wasn’t there to answer my questions but to keep me safe. When I had to return the car back to the rental car place, it followed me to my car and continued to kick me in the ass. Still no idea of who it was.

I did inform the agent at the desk along with my friend that the car was haunted. Seriously. She was in shock. I think I totally freaked them out to the point they probably had the car driven to Alaska.

Whoever it was, or might be, as it is still with me in my current car I am driving which is another rental, I have to assume, I have a rental angel.

Never imagined there were rental angels. Now I know. Wonder if you can rent an angel for other things?

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