Stop N Shop Chelsey

I ran in to get a few items before heading home tonight. It was a long day and I was on the phone to a friend when I looked at the cashier with her back turned toward. Someone was trying to come through. Was it the African American lady who looked distressed at the end of the isle waiting? Was it the guy who was trying to check out next to me whose card would not go through. Funny, I looked at him and knew something was amiss. Something was not right with him, it was his finances and he was going through some girlfriend stuff but not enough to approach him and say, I know what is happening with you. His debit card would not go through, after three times. If I said something, He would seriously think I was crazy, just like the cashier did after I did say something.. Well, Grandpa finally showed up. He was standing behind Chelsey. I asked the check out lady Chelsey, “Is your Grandfather dead?” She point blank looked at me and said, “I don’t discuss my personal life with complete strangers.” I said, ” I’m sorry, my name is Mary Beth and I am a psychic and I have to tell you that your Grandfather is standing behind you. It should be a verification to you that you do have someone watching over you. He is heavy set, with greyish hair, dark eyes, dark features, hails from up north where he lived. NY I asked with a question mark? She shook her head. I forgot I was in Nantucket, as far north as you could get. 
 I said, he was Italian, and she corrected me saying that he was Portuguese. I offered my apologies because usually when I see a dark features, I see Italian, ethnic inequity to say the least. It was what I correlated it with.
 She was still standoffish. On the way out the door, she did confirm both of her grandparents were indeed dead.  Duh, i knew that.

What can you do to make someone believe what you see? You can’t. But when you offer what you know, sometimes it makes you want to just reel it in, and not offer the knowledge you have.


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