Paula Deen’s Son, Bobby

He asked what I saw when I looked at him, what I saw for him. I walked around to find him in his den, a modern plush living area in Savannah GA full of GA bulldog banners, and guitars. Suddenly, I was stopped by someone who was a part of his “family”. He was there.  I asked Bobby who was the person who took their own life. That was all it took. He jumped three feet off the couch as I told him what I saw. Crocodile tears later, the comment of how this woman knew what she knew,  that she knew more than she should, rang throughout his house during filming of his show. His phone call the next day to talk to me…communication ceased since then. Why are people afraid of what I see? They shouldn’t be. I see it, they don’t. I am just the messenger who needs to deliver a message of closure or of hope from the other side or simply a message of I am sorry for the pain I caused you in this life.

Then the producer came over for a reading.

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