Michael, The Angel I never knew

I had passed out. Call it a near death experience. The golden light infront of me. As I moved closer to it, he pops out, standing in my way. So real in fact that I could see the tendons in his wings. He was a golden bronze, black eyes, wearing a sheath, all gilded in a golden bronze color. His hair was that of black gilded bronze as well. No words were spoken but I heard his name, Michael. He was on the left hand side, not letting me pass into the light. I was not done yet.

I saw him again, this time, a death dream for me. He holds out his hand, and I slip out my sick body as the dead skin falls away from me. I am younger with my hand sliding into his. A smile on his face.

And yet, I saw him two more times. I am not the only person who has seen the Arch Angel Michael. He was in a statue from across a room at an auction done by a french artist in the 1800’s. I didn’t need the sculpture to remind me of what he looked like but to know it was him from across the room was uncanny,  It was the angel that appeared to me.

Why me…is the question.

I asked the priest, is there an angel named Michael after my first encounter. He proceeded to tell me, yes, the Arch Angel Michael. I never knew about him until I met him.



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