Othersidepsychic, photographs never lie

Photographs never lie. Look closely at family pictures. Do you see a golden or white small light in them near a loved one? Chances are it could be an orb. If you do have an orb in your picture, blow it up large, then look for a face in the orb. Chances are, it is a loved one that you lost. Orbs carry faces in them.  If you move into a new house, be sure to snap pictures and look closely. It might look like giant blurs or blobs. It could be realtives or it could be total strangers.

A friend of mine recently sent me a picture of her family photo and in that picture I saw three things happening. Two were not good but swooshing by her brother’s face was the essence of a spirit that was protecting him. Standing behind the family, especially behind her brother stood two demons, a small one but a much much larger force behind that.  Both negative and I saw some serious health issues accompanying those demons.

Just as my recent photograph catpured a spirit coming from the wall in the place I stayed, capturing spirit is not difficult. Just start snapping but be prepared for what might come through and things you might not want to see.

OtherSidePsychic, Yes, Your Brother is in the Back Seat with Me

I was riding home from the airport with two friends who picked me up late at night. Maureen rode in the front of the car and with me in the back seat was her deceased brother. That was difficult to tell her he was sitting in the back with me. It was kind of hard convincing Maureen that her brother was there for her,and when I mentioned another name for a deceased brother in her family that I had no knowledge of, now she was some sort of a believer.I didnt know she had another dead brother named Jack. Her brother sitting next to me in car mentioned “Cracker Jack”. This was as a reference to their brother who died before him. Jack.
She didn’t believe in hocus pocus, as that is what she called it. I told her, Maureen, I have a gift and that is to deliver a message of hope and closure to you with your brother. They relay imagery, symbols, and words and I have to help you put the pieces together. This was a kindergarten puzzle to piece together. Easy, simple. Most aren’t.
“Oh by the way, he said to tell you, he likes hanging out in the livingroom/kitchen area.” Of course she freaked out when I told her he was by her bedside after he died.
Her brother also told me to tell her, that she was at the jumping off point when he died. She agreed.She was. There were several ways she could of left this world but chose not to do it. I named those ways and she said yes. A confirmation that I could not have known about this except through her brother who was present for this.
He was there to protect herself from herself. A guardian angel found in a deceased brother.
The conversation continued for some time and I think when they dropped me off at my house, Maureen who didn’t believe, became a believer and can now go onto heal from the death of her brother

OtherSidePsychic, The Ghost in the Cabin

I wrote earlier about staying in a cabin with footsteps that had me unnerved. I knew it was a man but I never imagined my phone camera would capture the ghost by the bedroom I heard the noise coming from.
You be the judge. This photo has not been altered and it appears to be a man coming through the wall.
This picture was taken with all the curtains closed and the only light was the light from the bedroom next door. So it is not stray light causing this figure on the wall. The colors are different too. The color of this ghost appears to have human coloring on the skin, not white and the light is a different color as the ghost.

I knew I was not alone. Look at the right side of the photo.

Marycabin ghost2(4)

Other Side Psychic, 11:11, 1:11

Its to the point I know it has something to do with me personally, perhaps my spiritual fitness or perhaps it is  due to my gift.

We on occasion look up at the clock and see the numbers 11:11 or 1:11.

Well when you see it day in day out, twice, even three times a day, there might be a reason. I have heard it is because these numbers belong to half angels and half demons. That people who see it all the time are just that. I am no demon but yes, I can claim the devil made me do things on occasion.

That is pretty scary to think that could be the case. Usually when people see those numbers, they say a rhyme or even riddle after it.

I know I do, to the point of it being something like this: 11:11, God please bless my family, especially (and I name the ones who have passed.)who are in heaven.

There are several articles written on this number or collection of numbers and I know I am not alone in seeing it but when you see it everyday for days on end, there is a reason. Even this all knowing psychic and medium doesn’t know all the answers, especially when it comes to me. I can’t see for myself.

I had to share this because it is so prevalent in my life I wish I truly knew what it meant for me and why I am seeing it all the time.

I welcome comments on this subject from some of the bloggers I follow who have far more knowledge on this subject than I do.

OtherSidePsychic, The Cabin

I just got back from a kind of camping out. I stayed in a beautiful cabin in the mountains. Perfect for the month of September with the cool NY air and crisp bite when I awoke. It was just me, stinky cheese to eat and noosa yogurt and then I heard footsteps, upstairs. Pretty loud footsteps. Loud enough to get my attention kind of footsteps.  They stayed upstairs thank goodness. It was a pacing around, and kind of sounded like the spirit was upset I was there. I tried to make piece with the spirit by telling them I was not there stay, just passing through and that I meant no harm. After that I felt no harm but didn’t stay in the living room very much. In fact, I stayed in my room trying to ignore the  spirit.

I surmised from my gift it belonged to the person who lived or cared for the property long before my friend bought it. Not threatening but when the lights went out, I was thrown into pitch dark blackness and I hate total blackouts. I sleep with the lights on full blast and for reasons! Well, I believe that the entity upstairs also correlated with the basement, which was off the bathroom and I opened the door once. I immediately shut it. I did not get a good vibe from the basement. During the time I was there, I never opened it again nor decided to investigate it. I don’t go looking for trouble. Hey, it finds me easy enough. At one point, after I left, I was asked by someone who knows the property, “How did you like staying in the cabin.” I said, well, okay. I left it at that. When I saw the laughing smile come across her lips, I knew she knew something and didn’t want to tell me. I never let her know I knew it was haunted. Well, that was not the only soul that made their presence known. I was seeing a man of about fifty, handsome, in a sitting position around the cabin. He was wearing a red sweater, kakhi pants. I knew he was the uncle of a man I knew. What was he doing there? He never let me know but I do know that spirits show up when I am around to either let themselves be known or to be known to their loved ones I know.  He was smiling the entire time and thoroughly enjoying himself. I love happy spirits. They make my gift easier to deal with.Then, she showed up. I had heard voices during my stay. Faint female voices to the point I had to ask, “Who is there?, “Hello”  No answer. Silence. Then the same female voice would start talking again, as if she was carrying on a conversation with someone else. I know she was the sister to an elderly woman I know. She stayed with me and I know she is around this elderly woman constantly because she is watching over her as best as she can. This spirit showed me she had a physical defect and that is how I knew she was the sister to my friend.

Today, I saw the elderly grandmother to a gal working at Whole Foods. I didn’t say anything. How can I say to a complete stranger without giving them a heart attack, that their dead grandmother is standing behind them. I cant go anywhere without seeing the deceased or them communicating with me. I just wish I could communicate better to make others believe in what I see so that they might want communication.

Othersidepsychic, Soul Grabbers

There are souls that don’t want to pass when they died. They hang around or cling to a dearly loved one and in the process cause even more pain for the living.
I call them soul grabbers. Sometime even the living can feel their soul being affected. I even saw a mist come from my body and I knew instantly that part of my soul spirit left with my twin sister.
Its like falling and trying to grab onto something so you wont fall. Same principle.
How do you help the soul that has grabbed yours?
You have to pray for the soul departed to find peace, to go with God’s white light, to release and let go.
Its hard because we want to keep them with us. For soul grabbers, since they can’t grab anything else except what is on they plane, a prayer or many prayers to calm their soul, restore them in God’s white light to even talking to them to tell them, that they have died, that they need to move into the light is what is needed.
Eventually, their souls let go and move on.
But soul grabbers need the help that only we the living can provide.
Now matter how much we want to keep them here on this earthly plane, God has a job for them to do.
Some soul grabbers are not good. When your soul is grabbed onto by a soul that is headed in the other direction, then a soul retrieval is necessary.
A soul grabber can also cause an attachment when it won’t go.
For this you need to perform a personal cleansing.

Othersidepsychic, How to Charge for my Gift.

Using my gift:
I was given a very very powerful gift to help others heal and move on from their personal tragedies. When I meet someone i can clearly see their loved ones coming through and it is up to me to say something or not. Most often I don’t. Which I believe is also a sin for not using what God gave me. I am but a messenger to allow others to heal and I am also a messenger for things to come for others.
It was bestowed upon me as a child probably with me being born with it. It is not something that I acquired along the way or went to school for to hone in my skills. Every time I use my gift, my skills get even more precise.

Most people have the stigma that being a medium and a psychic are taboo. Don’t mess with it, you might get lost in it as my ex husband would say. Others look at you as though you are crazy, fit for the mental ward while still others embrace it, are amazed by it, can’t figure it out kind of approach. One such was Bobby Deen of Paula Deen fame.

However, with that being said, I see all kinds of psychics out there, all kinds of mediums. schools for them, and anyone and everybody claims to have some sort of power that comes with you hiring them. Funny, I don’t charge. I have wrestled with it for a long long time.

How can I pay my bills then if I don’t charge? I feel as though if I were to charge I would lost my gift. It was a gift meant to be given away, but maybe I misinterpreted it and instead of thinking I need to give it away, to give it to people who need the help but they could make a donation for what they receive. This was brought to my attention by my dear friend Fawn. That way I can be of use to others and not starve and not have to do a job I am second best at.

God only gives you one true gift and if you don’t use it, you become second best at something else but never as good as you could have been if you used your one true gift.


as i lay there in my bed in the small apartment sleeping, I kept having this reoccurring dream that a dark entity was trying to attack me. I woke up when I heard the growl. When you hear a growl, it is never good.
I wear a cross around my neck that belonged to my identical twin sister and I cling to my higher power constantly, especially at night. Especially during the hours of 12 to 5 am. Why do you say? Simply, that is when the spirits especially very bad ones come out to play.

Even the slightest noise, I wake up. I am a very light sleeper. When the tv cuts off, I wake up. Yes, I am one of those kind of people who have to sleep with the light on and the tv on. Most mediums, psychics do. I cant sleep in total blackness. I have to be able to have light and light to me is like Gods white light. It actually protects me. That night, actually being night before last, I was very aware and had the sense, of not being alone when i went to sleep that night. Something told me, it was not good. Usually most negative spirits leave when I am around. They hide from me but this one didnt. Most other times, I shrug it off or don’t give them the attention they want from me. I just wont go there or I tell them they need to leave.

I lost my cat a couple of days before and I knew he was on the bed with me as I felt him laying up agasint my side. It was small and compact like a cat, even though Nells was a huge cat, I knew it was him. That was the only comforting thing about that night.

But then I felt the icy cold breath breathing on me. Cold cold air. The house where I stayed did not have air conditioning as certain parts of California do not need a/c. It was 67 degrees that night and the windows were not open. This woman is in menopause so ice cold breaths are sometimes welcome bu not that kind of ice cold breath

When I awoke, I was literally clutching my cross praying in my sleep. I woke up praying when I heard the growl. I must have been praying in my sleep because of the dark force in my room. I have never encountered that before to that extreme.
Today, when I left the apartment to make my way back to my home base in Florida, as i was making up my bed, I noticed it was off center. This massive wrought iron bed was away from the wall and sitting crooked. When I tried to straighten it, I could not move it. How did it get so crooked. I barely weigh 128 lbs and to move a giant bed like that with a temperpedic mattress is extremely hard to do.

I stood there in disbelief. That was some fight alright. God won. I just remember waking up being so thankful to have my soul, have myself in my body that I said a prayer thanking him.

When you hear people saying they are fighting with the devil, this gives a whole new meaning to the terminology, possession.

Othersidepsychic, THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

It was about six months after amy died when I heard the cry for help while taking a shower. It was as if she was standing there screaming for me to help. Clear as day. It was Amy, my twin.

Her death was too new, too painful but realized she was in trouble on the other side. She wasn’t quite there yet.

Some souls stay in limbo and cant  move onto the light,  either because they don’t know they are dead because, their death happened so fast, or they had a lot of unresolved issues or things that happened to them that they did, that they have not resolved. Other times, unfortunately, someone loses their life at the hand of someone else and the soul might have gone through a tragic death, unable to move on.  Some souls just have too many  sins to account for and  are not allowed to move on, while others are simply accidents that happen so fast, it took them before they knew it. Suicides always go to the grey areas, neither the white golden light and certainly not hell.to hell  Because someone is sick and they take their own life, they put themselves in the grey area, neither heaven nor hell, but in a sense it is hell because it is a very very sad place and they relive their death, why they took their own life.

For this reason, I believe Amy was about to go into the grey area. If it is possible to save your twin or loved one. I would do anything to see her again when my time comes. I grabbed her hand but I had to go into a bad place to do so. God was with me. I remember telling her, don’t let go, come with me, and she held my hand, and I told her to look toward the light. I remember asking her, did she see the light of God. She kept saying yes. I walked her into the light, and in that light, to the most magnificent staircase I have ever seen, or hope to see, and never never knew existed. This was the first and last time I have seen this staircase.  I have heard of it but never saw it until that day.

I would go to hell for her to bring her back and I that is what I did.  Not the proverbial hell, but she was definitely descending there of her own accord, her own guilt into the grey area. Now remember, this is happening while I am taking a shower. At first, I panicked. How do I save a dead person when I didn’t practise my gift all the time?  She was scared, alone, and had no color. I had to do something I was going to lose her for an eternity. I had no choice. I had to go there, fear or not of losing my own soul in a despairing world below what we know as life. Her soul was lost and certainly not in a good place. This was because she had unresolved issues, sins and where she was in her life, before she died was not a good place. She could not forgive herself for what she had done. She was causing her own demise in death.

I asked her to hold my hand to go into the white light. She grabbed it firmly and as I held her hand, I walked her to the stairs, as far as I could go or allowed to go because it was not my time.  It was now up to her to go on to face her maker, who was, is a loving God, a forgiving God. I was merely the guide to get her there.  I could not be at the base of the stairs. The stairs are for those who are dead, ready to ascend. I was not dead and so, next thing I know, I am far away from it. She was standing at the base of the enormous stairway to heaven. The color had returned to her face. She was alive, radiant and then she turned around and smiled at me.  Then the staircase ascended. She was gone.  She made it.

I never knew  that an actual staircase existed. I knew of giant rooms, a tunnel of golden light and I have seen the proverbial tunnel, only my journey into the tunnel blocked by an angel in my case. This staircase, was not like a standard size. It was the size of giant building.  It was incredible, massive. Amy was the size of a pin head compared to the size of the staircase. Yes, it was a grey white with golden hues of light running through it and around it with clouds of white around it. She was going to heaven.

As a medium, I am a tool of God to help others heal, whether alive or dead.