Othersidepsychic, How to Charge for my Gift.

Using my gift:
I was given a very very powerful gift to help others heal and move on from their personal tragedies. When I meet someone i can clearly see their loved ones coming through and it is up to me to say something or not. Most often I don’t. Which I believe is also a sin for not using what God gave me. I am but a messenger to allow others to heal and I am also a messenger for things to come for others.
It was bestowed upon me as a child probably with me being born with it. It is not something that I acquired along the way or went to school for to hone in my skills. Every time I use my gift, my skills get even more precise.

Most people have the stigma that being a medium and a psychic are taboo. Don’t mess with it, you might get lost in it as my ex husband would say. Others look at you as though you are crazy, fit for the mental ward while still others embrace it, are amazed by it, can’t figure it out kind of approach. One such was Bobby Deen of Paula Deen fame.

However, with that being said, I see all kinds of psychics out there, all kinds of mediums. schools for them, and anyone and everybody claims to have some sort of power that comes with you hiring them. Funny, I don’t charge. I have wrestled with it for a long long time.

How can I pay my bills then if I don’t charge? I feel as though if I were to charge I would lost my gift. It was a gift meant to be given away, but maybe I misinterpreted it and instead of thinking I need to give it away, to give it to people who need the help but they could make a donation for what they receive. This was brought to my attention by my dear friend Fawn. That way I can be of use to others and not starve and not have to do a job I am second best at.

God only gives you one true gift and if you don’t use it, you become second best at something else but never as good as you could have been if you used your one true gift.


as i lay there in my bed in the small apartment sleeping, I kept having this reoccurring dream that a dark entity was trying to attack me. I woke up when I heard the growl. When you hear a growl, it is never good.
I wear a cross around my neck that belonged to my identical twin sister and I cling to my higher power constantly, especially at night. Especially during the hours of 12 to 5 am. Why do you say? Simply, that is when the spirits especially very bad ones come out to play.

Even the slightest noise, I wake up. I am a very light sleeper. When the tv cuts off, I wake up. Yes, I am one of those kind of people who have to sleep with the light on and the tv on. Most mediums, psychics do. I cant sleep in total blackness. I have to be able to have light and light to me is like Gods white light. It actually protects me. That night, actually being night before last, I was very aware and had the sense, of not being alone when i went to sleep that night. Something told me, it was not good. Usually most negative spirits leave when I am around. They hide from me but this one didnt. Most other times, I shrug it off or don’t give them the attention they want from me. I just wont go there or I tell them they need to leave.

I lost my cat a couple of days before and I knew he was on the bed with me as I felt him laying up agasint my side. It was small and compact like a cat, even though Nells was a huge cat, I knew it was him. That was the only comforting thing about that night.

But then I felt the icy cold breath breathing on me. Cold cold air. The house where I stayed did not have air conditioning as certain parts of California do not need a/c. It was 67 degrees that night and the windows were not open. This woman is in menopause so ice cold breaths are sometimes welcome bu not that kind of ice cold breath

When I awoke, I was literally clutching my cross praying in my sleep. I woke up praying when I heard the growl. I must have been praying in my sleep because of the dark force in my room. I have never encountered that before to that extreme.
Today, when I left the apartment to make my way back to my home base in Florida, as i was making up my bed, I noticed it was off center. This massive wrought iron bed was away from the wall and sitting crooked. When I tried to straighten it, I could not move it. How did it get so crooked. I barely weigh 128 lbs and to move a giant bed like that with a temperpedic mattress is extremely hard to do.

I stood there in disbelief. That was some fight alright. God won. I just remember waking up being so thankful to have my soul, have myself in my body that I said a prayer thanking him.

When you hear people saying they are fighting with the devil, this gives a whole new meaning to the terminology, possession.

Othersidepsychic, THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

It was about six months after amy died when I heard the cry for help while taking a shower. It was as if she was standing there screaming for me to help. Clear as day. It was Amy, my twin.

Her death was too new, too painful but realized she was in trouble on the other side. She wasn’t quite there yet.

Some souls stay in limbo and cant  move onto the light,  either because they don’t know they are dead because, their death happened so fast, or they had a lot of unresolved issues or things that happened to them that they did, that they have not resolved. Other times, unfortunately, someone loses their life at the hand of someone else and the soul might have gone through a tragic death, unable to move on.  Some souls just have too many  sins to account for and  are not allowed to move on, while others are simply accidents that happen so fast, it took them before they knew it. Suicides always go to the grey areas, neither the white golden light and certainly not hell.to hell  Because someone is sick and they take their own life, they put themselves in the grey area, neither heaven nor hell, but in a sense it is hell because it is a very very sad place and they relive their death, why they took their own life.

For this reason, I believe Amy was about to go into the grey area. If it is possible to save your twin or loved one. I would do anything to see her again when my time comes. I grabbed her hand but I had to go into a bad place to do so. God was with me. I remember telling her, don’t let go, come with me, and she held my hand, and I told her to look toward the light. I remember asking her, did she see the light of God. She kept saying yes. I walked her into the light, and in that light, to the most magnificent staircase I have ever seen, or hope to see, and never never knew existed. This was the first and last time I have seen this staircase.  I have heard of it but never saw it until that day.

I would go to hell for her to bring her back and I that is what I did.  Not the proverbial hell, but she was definitely descending there of her own accord, her own guilt into the grey area. Now remember, this is happening while I am taking a shower. At first, I panicked. How do I save a dead person when I didn’t practise my gift all the time?  She was scared, alone, and had no color. I had to do something I was going to lose her for an eternity. I had no choice. I had to go there, fear or not of losing my own soul in a despairing world below what we know as life. Her soul was lost and certainly not in a good place. This was because she had unresolved issues, sins and where she was in her life, before she died was not a good place. She could not forgive herself for what she had done. She was causing her own demise in death.

I asked her to hold my hand to go into the white light. She grabbed it firmly and as I held her hand, I walked her to the stairs, as far as I could go or allowed to go because it was not my time.  It was now up to her to go on to face her maker, who was, is a loving God, a forgiving God. I was merely the guide to get her there.  I could not be at the base of the stairs. The stairs are for those who are dead, ready to ascend. I was not dead and so, next thing I know, I am far away from it. She was standing at the base of the enormous stairway to heaven. The color had returned to her face. She was alive, radiant and then she turned around and smiled at me.  Then the staircase ascended. She was gone.  She made it.

I never knew  that an actual staircase existed. I knew of giant rooms, a tunnel of golden light and I have seen the proverbial tunnel, only my journey into the tunnel blocked by an angel in my case. This staircase, was not like a standard size. It was the size of giant building.  It was incredible, massive. Amy was the size of a pin head compared to the size of the staircase. Yes, it was a grey white with golden hues of light running through it and around it with clouds of white around it. She was going to heaven.

As a medium, I am a tool of God to help others heal, whether alive or dead.




Othersidepsychic, Nell Nells

As I was packing up to move to Oklahoma for a job, I waked past my little tubby cat named Nelson Mandela. Short nickname is NellNells. If you say it fast, it sounded as though you were saying Neh Nells. He loved that name.

NellNells lounging

NellNells lounging

a rescue from my ex mother in law, Nells was too big for her and too much to take care of. I rescued him years ago when I found him laying near death with crystals. He survived that. This time, cancer took him. Squamous cell carcinoma today 8/8/13. He never complained even when I got him out of his one room house to put him in a huge waterfront home. Then he moved with me to Florida and learned to sleep on the bed in my tiny house. He had found his own place to call home and usually it was under my antique farm table where I made him a bed with a colorful quilt.

The last time I saw him before I left, I saw what was to come. I just didn’t want to believe it but today proved my visions are all too accurate and with visions, comes pain.  If you knew what I saw, you would not want a gift like mine but I have it and with it, I also see the dead. Nells isn’t gone. He is still with me.  He sure is, he is stilling in the living room, invisible to the naked eye except to the medium/psychic eye. Trust me, they never ever leave us. Aw with your loved ones, your animals are also loved ones. They are with you until you finish the journey you are on. They are part of your journey.

With my visions, I learned how to live today and love today.as though it was my last even through the eyes of others. 

Othersidepsychic, Not Alone

I admit it, I watch the ghost hunting shows. I was in bed last night and tuned into Zac and his crew in a rerun out in California with some guy who had Sharon Tate haunting his bachelor pad. Okay. Yeah, I was a little scared. Wait a minute, me, a psychic, medium, and one who sees the dead scared? Well, yes, I am only human. I am not dead yet.
So speaking of having ghosts in your home like this guy did, and I do, can be blamed on many avenues such as a murder next door, down the street, or in the same area. It doesn’t have to happen in the same spot as the haunting. You could literally go a haunted place and spirit sees you and wants to tag along and next thing you know, you have an attachment. I know I do and it has not left me since I left a clients house in upper SC. I also know my sister is with me as well and keeps those nasty other spirits at bay. She was a fighter in real life and I know she is dead. A real fighter for her sister. She wont allow any harm to come to me but neither would my higher power.
What’s happened lately? I was at home when I felt this energy start whirling around me. It just swooshed up on me and then started whirling. I immediately yelled for it to stop to leave me alone. It did. But it is eery to have that feeling of something you don’t know coming into your aura and hanging around.
How do I know amy is around? Th signs are there. From buying items in a store that results in tows, such as two yolks in one egg. Two zucchini squash blossoms bound together in one package. Two flowers growing together. Two tomatoes and the list goes on. I remember too well on our birthday, cracking open eggs to make something and every single egg was a twin. I finally said, I get it! You are with me. That happened in one day. I must have wasted seven eggs that day. All were twins.
This last birthday, I bought two helium balloons, and in the flower bunch I attached to the balloons were twin sunflowers. I set it free on our birthday and to my surprise, it never went anywhere. It floated in front of my face for the longest time, then up to the tree and stayed there for days. When I left for my job out west, Joe called me to tell me, the flowers and balloons were gone. He said there was no wind, that it was weird, they just left.
Where I go, she goes. So I want you to remember this as well. There are signs that are around you, just look for them. You are not alone either.

Othersidepsychic, The Cloaked Attachment

Well, no one is impervious to bringing somehting home with them. I am speaking of the paranormal and not a new puppy or kitten that you bring home to your loved ones, your private space and place that you feel safe in. This psychic is not immune to it either but you should take steps to prevent it and I left without doing so this past weekend from visiting a clients home.

He had a hat, kind of like a medical doctor from the 1700’s or 1800’s and he was tall and thin. He wore a coat which was close to a cloak. It was the same man I saw at my clients house and I guess he decided to follow me.

When I stopped over at my friends house on Hilton Head Island to break up my trip down to Florida, as I closed my eyes, I did a double take because he was standing at the door. God, I most certainly did not want to leave him at my friends house so he traveled down to Florida with me.  My friend asked me what I was staring at. I told him. He knows about my abilities. Nothing happened that night but last night it did.

As I was laying in bed working on my computer, with my baby, my trusted friend and cat Sharkbait beside me, the door swung closed. No one was in the house or room other than me and my cats. Certainly no cat was near the door to make it close. Sharkbait then started to hiss. His ears went flat back. So I know this attachment is not good. I said out loud, ONly God’s White Light and Love Can Stay Here. You must leave now. Then everything returned to normal.

Now I have to get to work to drive this attachment out. I need to sage myself, and the house as well as salt all entrances and exits. I can say this entity, this male ghost, stays at a distance from me. He knows that he can’t stay with me here and does not come close. I constantly protect myself with God’s white light and love won’t let anything come close. Hence, why it stands off at a distance.

I will drive him out to return from whence it came, and I can’t imagine it was a good place. Wish me luck. This will not take long.


Last night while

Othersidepsychic, Ghosts In a Tobacco Field

A client of mine had been asking if I could come see  her in SC because she had been having an awful time with hauntings. For over a year, I was trapped in a job that didn’t even let me breathe much less have time to tend to my own affairs, Finally after the job ended, I  traveled to her. How I actually met Carolyn, was by the telephone. I had only read her over the phone, never in person. So, my remote viewing of her home, her surroundings and what I saw was by the telephone. Then I got to see it fi2qAZrst hand 

I told her about what I saw while in my bedroom in Florida on the phone to her in SC. I saw the cemetery sitting behind her house surrounded by planting fields which grew tobacco. At the time I saw them, they were growing another planting. I saw the ghosts sitting in her cemetery, and there were about 10 to 12 of them. All of the burial plots were family dating back over 100 years. and I saw the big slave who kept the other ghosts in check. I saw her kitchen as if I was standing there in real life and I saw it in the back of her house, of which it was all true. I saw the entities that haunt her house from a very long distance away. Then I felt them when I went there. Two were in her house. One lived in her attic, hid up there and actually ran from us as we cleaned the house.  The other entity liked to hang out in her bedroom but also liked hanging out on the staircase.  Together we cleansed the outside structures especially the ones harboring entities that were ominous.  I couldn’t leave her knowing that they were still lurking around and were up to no good. As far as the other ghosts, some had to stay such as her brother on the front porch and her mother who was there to protect her.                 

The other entities, the ghosts in the field are still there. So is Big Joe the slave. He keeps them in check. She will never really be rid of them as they are ingrained in the land, in her life. For you see, she attracts them. She has the gift. They come to her because she has the white light and attracts them as I do. I never knew this until I met her face to face. It takes a psychic to know a psychic. She is just now discovering her gift this late in life.

Sometimes the gift presents itself early in life, sometimes late in life as in Carolyn’s case. All this time she was labeled as crazy when in fact, she is an empath. She has the gift.

I plan on going back up there to see her and find out how she is doing in the near future. To help her, but also to offer support. My final parting words to her were, you will never really be rid of these spirits because they are a part of you. Better get used to it.


There was other structures on her property that harbored entities. From a deiapidated barn to her husbands cousins that died in a car wreck right past her driveway to something evil lurking around a machinery shed. Many people died on that property and the one question of how she could get rid of them came up.

Honestly, the land was marked and getting rid of all of them is impossible from this psychics standpoint but


Othersidepsychic, Seeing For Myself

Usually my spirit guides won’t let me see for myself. That is like knowing the lottery ticket winning numbers.I can not see anything for myself, but recently as three months ago, my gift changed. It was for a reason.

I had been praying to be relieved of my job. Now you would think most people would do anything to keep their job. Not so in private service. Meaning working for the ultra wealthy. The employer was wonderful in a few ways but was also very much leaning to favorites among employees. A lot of things went on behind the scenes that she was not aware of and it certainly was not my job to tell her. I prayed that something come along because I hated going to work. I absolutely hated it. I never knew what kind of mood the head housekeeper would be in on a daily basis and the second housekeeper would order me around just like the head one and I am the chef. I don’t mind helping out but to take away from food production to clean white linens or to deep clean a suite was not what I was hired to do. I was hired to help out as a team but food came second to them. I was fighting a lost battle. The husband would not eat the food because it was diet food so I wanted out.

The signs started appearing. More and more of them from my psychic guides. I knew my job was ending.When my employer asked me to get her book of foods ready, I knew then.  The day it was determined that I could no longer work there, Joe my best friend whom I live with had a cardiac problem and was admitted into ICU for 2 days straight. This just happened. Then the job offer came forward. It came forward before my departure from my old job. Acceptance was the day after I left my job. Be careful of what you pray for, as it will come true. I am glad because I could not take the abuse, the emotional turmoil and the feeling of micro management by all staff.  I was definitely taken advantage of in this position. I wonder if I just shouldn’t set up shop as a psychic but I am not allowed to charge for my gift. I can’t.

There have been many self viewings of what lay ahead for myself that I have not shared. Only in rare cases can I see for myself and that is to prepare me. This time I was prepared.

It is true when one door closes another opens but it is done for a reason. You just have to see the signs and be prepared.

Othersidepsychic, Possession, Why It Happens

Don Gabriele Amorth, I believe is his name , as I researched him today, is a Priest with the Catholic Church who is or was the most famous exorcist in the world. I even believe they made a movie about him. He has my utmost respect. To go toe to toe with the evil entities from below deserves my highest respect.

To obtain an exorcism from the Catholic Church takes years, medical review first by a medical doctor, then a psychiatrist then the Priest ascertains whether you are truly possessed. Those who are and make it to the final round only to be dismissed don’t have a chance unless there are others that can remove the squatter as I like to call them. First is the naming of the name of the spirit who squats in the body. Once the name is known, he/she/it or multitudes of them, can be banished back to hell.

I can’t do it. I merely see the past, the present, the future. I can see the squatter though but I can’t remove it. I can get help but it is too dangerous for someone like me and anyone who says they can, my hats off to them but, they can also make it more difficult. Even healers who come to heal you can bring attachments with them to the new person they visit. Unless they remove the attachment first, before coming to you, there might be a good chance that the attachment might decide they like you better than the last body they had.

Why does this happen? Simply, my guides tell me because our souls have a void in them. Kind of like a wound. When we are beat up by the world, not spiritually fit, entities see it as an opportunity to set up a home in our bodies. It could result from doing something that is not right in our God’s eyes and whammo, there you go.

I was riding in a car with my ex husband years ago after my twins death. As I laid back in the passenger seat, i saw a white like a fog come out of my chest. I thought it was my soul leaving my body. I offered to trade my soul for my twins if God would accept her into his kingdom. Jesus already did that for me so I didn’t have to but somehow, I knew what had happened. My spirit, my soul left my body. After that incident, I was less than human in my actions, hurting others, not doing the right thing. Today, my life is full of God’s goodness. I try to take others into consideration first, helping them, not me. Yes, we all go through life and the consequences of what we have done. I did, but now, I don’t pay for it as I have a higher power in my life but others are not so lucky. I was lucky in that I was not possessed during that time.

Usually during incidents of not being spiritually fit or doing the wrong thing, acting or behaving badly as I like to call it, whether it be an affair, stealing, even to not being honest,  we allow other negative energies to come in, not realizing it. They see it as their opportunity to set up camp and live in our bodies. During that time of my bad existence, my ex husband said that when i went to sleep, I was speaking in Aramaic to Amy.  I don’t speak Aramaic. She was reaching out to me to help me.

When the squatter as I like to call them decides to set up shop in our bodies, we become even more evil, lack emotion, body parts start to separate, we speak in languages we don’t know, and just become vile. Over time our bodies decay and the squatter shoves our soul to the back of the line. It is still in there but hard to hear from the evil entity. Time to call in the big guns and get help I would say.

There are ways to remove the squatter or make them extremely agitated so that they want to leave before the last resort of an exorcism. but usually that is what it takes to remove them is the last resort of an exorcism. One is to constantly surround yourself in white light of God’s love and keep open bibles in the rooms of your house. Another is to go to church or an organized religious house. Most squatters don’t like churches. The person possessed can’t go near one or they get physically ill in one.

If you are a psychic and speak to a person who is possessed, your body suffers the consequences. For me, the evil entity knows I am trying to help the person afflicted and they know me, just as a spirit knows I am helping their loved ones left behind. They visit me long before the actual reading. With a possession, they can’t just leave the squatters body but they can send messages that say, try to get rid of me. They have and still do. They can’t win because I am centered in my higher power.

When you are following a honest path, a “good life” meaning, you are kind, you are giving, you show love and live honesty in all you do, you don’t allow an easy path for a squatter. If you don’t follow a good honest path, it is kind of like having an open door with open for business sign hung around your neck. Good Karma begets good Karma. Bad Karma is a bitch as we say. The bitch decides to move in and kicks your soul out. I liken the bitch to a really bad ass ex that destroys us emotionally, physically and mentally. Time to move them out.

When I saw the arch angel Michael in 2000, I knew I had another chance at life. I knew I had a great fighter on my side. I won.